Europe turns to hemp food as USA and India gear up for hemp

(June 24, 2016) – In southeastern Poland, researchers have turned swarms of bees loose in hemp fields in an attempt to make a super honey. In Nepal, the straw from naturally occurring hemp “wild crop” is being chopped by hand to go into healthy (and safer) hempcrete homes to replace those destroyed in the massive earthquake of 2015; while in Morocco’s High Rif hemp stalk from the region’s abundant cannabis fields is being promoted as a construction material to rebuild traditional farm dwellings, and to create public facilities for long-suffering local clans. In South Africa, a hemp-built soup kitchen is enriching the lives of less-fortunate locals with nutritious hemp-laced food.

A global update on the hemp industry

From the Czech Republic to Boulder, Colorado, USA, scientists and researchers are constantly working to expand CBD’s promise to treat more and more maladies with medicine from nature.

All the while, all over the world, knowledge and recognition of hemp is expanding.

Probing leading European firms and their leaders, HempToday (, the world’s leading source for information about industrial hemp, has released its 2016-2017 Big Hemp Yearbook, a review of the global hemp scene.

What the report found:

  • Europe is solidly behind hemp from official levels down to the farm, with recent indicators reflecting a trend toward hemp foods as an overheated CBD market regroups.
  • In the USA, the absurd and destructive War on Drugs is finally winding down as a small but growing hemp consumer market stands by, ready to buy up domestic production once it gets rolling.
  • In Asia, where it all started, China is working to reshape its world leading hemp industry while India appears on the cusp of returning to hemp as a major crop.
  • Profiles and interviews with world-leading hemp firms and personalities reflect an industry on the cusp of breaking through across such diverse industries as bio-composites, the construction industry, health and beauty and medicine.

Full head of steam

“It’s impressive to see the global hemp industries in a nutshell at this particular moment in time,” said Kehrt Reyher, editor and publisher of HempToday, which recently released the book. “The indicators are clear that the hemp business has a full head of steam in key regions around the world.”

The book is available for €50 ($56) via the HempToday ( web site.

Sales of the YearBook support several hemp development initiatives around the world to which HempToday, the YearBook’s publisher, donates a wide range of media services.

This article originally posted …: National Hemp Association